survivors-l4dWe should get a sticker, write on it ?this is how you do it? and put it on each and every Valve product, because the company just proved that they know how things should be done and delivered to gamers. The company announced, according to Kotaku, that the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC Survival Pack will be available as a free download for both Xbox 360 and PC owners. This decision follows the release of a new Team Fortress 2 DLC for free and the announcement of the L4D SDK (yes, you’ve guessed it ? FREE again!) How can Valve afford this in these troubled times, it beats me, but I’m sure nobody minds.

And even though no exact release date was offered for this upcoming free DLC for Left for Dead, we do know that it will add a new mode to the game as well as the ability to play versus on more of the campaign maps. In other words, it will be a much more fun experience, at no extra charge. I know a bunch of developers who could learn a thing or two from Valve.