wolfensteinActivision has revealed in a recent conference call that the next Wolfenstein title will be released later this year, during the summer season. Hopefully the game will be really hot, too: there are no reasons for it not to be so, since it will build on the renowned franchise and try to expand it a bit more. And since it’s being developed by Raven Software, we have high hopes in it.

During the aforementioned conference call, Activision’s president Mike Griffith said: “This summer we expect to release an all new Wolfenstein built on id Software’s well-established videogame franchise. The game propels players into a sci-fi experience, where they must navigate through two intertwining eras to prevent a catastrophic accident.” Also, he went on to say that the new Wolfenstein game is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 systems.

Mike Griffith also talked about another project from Raven Software – Singularity and the upcoming Bond game which was delayed until next year in order to avoid direct competition with Call of Duty during the holiday season (which means that we’ll get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II this winter!)