godfather2Even though I’m pretty sure that The Godfather II team did not read our debate regarding game demos, they have decided against releasing one for the upcoming title: they are more busy with working on post-release downloadable content instead (which makes absolutely no sense and is completely disgusting: why work on future content for a game that was not even released yet? Or if you do work on DLC, why say it out loud? Where’s the respect for the gamers who hope to get a COMPLETE product?).

Anyway, back to the demo, executive producer Hunter Smith told CVG when asked if a demo is planned: “No, not at this point,” adding that the team talked about the possibility of a releasing one, but they’re “not sure”.

However, as I said, they are already working on DLC, since that’s what brings them money: no info regarding its release date was given, but since the game itself was not released yet, it doesn’t quite matter. However, if things will continue to be as revolting as they are now, it will not be long until we’ll see DLC released BEFORE the full game… and that’s when I’ll go back to play board games: at least their manufacturers still have a bit of decency left.