sf4As it usually happens nowadays, an unreleased game gets its DLC detailed: we’re talking about Street Fighter IV downloadable content, which will be available both for free and as paid downloads. Strangely, the DLC will be available on day one which really should make everybody wonder why the hell didn’t they put it (at least the free one) in the full game from start?

Thankfully, the free DLC is not a pointless one: it’s the Championship Mode which will certainly be appreciated by fans of the genre and the franchise, since the CM for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix enjoyed a real success. For those who don’t know about it here is what the Championship Mode does: it allows players to set up online tournaments within the game. And it’s always the best fighter who wins.

However, the fighter should be dressed properly, too – at least that’s what Capcom appears to believe, since they’re putting will also offer a series of five costume packs – released one per week. IGN reports that a pack will cost 320 MS Points (or around $4.48), while the full 25 costume collection will be available for 1,000 Points ($13.44). A bit pricey – and that explains why publishers love to release DLC as soon as the game’s out (or sooner, if that’s possible). A big thumbs down for that.