blizzard-logoThis is pretty strange, but apparently true: even though Activision confirmed their presence at this year’s E3 media summit, Blizzard have refused the invitation and it appears that, even though E3 2009 will return to its roots (which means it will be huge and shiny), there will be no WoW, Diablo 3 and Starcarft II present.

The report comes from Giant Bomb, who say that a rep confirmed: “Blizzard Entertainment will not be attending or participating in E3 2009”. Short and sharp and certainly a big loss for the party.

However, those who are still waiting to receive some extra news about Blizzard’s work and the highly anticipated Diablo III and Starcraft II should know that the BlizzCon is still being held and probably that’s where new info will be released. Or you could just keep visiting Unigamesity, as we have the latest news for you!