First Dante’s Inferno Details Emerge

First Dante’s Inferno Details Emerge

dante-s-infernoOne of the original IPs planned by Electronic Arts as part of their “risk taking” strategy is Dante’s Inferno, a game which was revealed a while ago but until now we didn’t actually knew too much about it. However, CVG reports that PSM has a solid ten page preview of the game which, according to them, is impressive.

Described as “God of War meets Dead Space,” Dante’s Inferno follows Dante’s journey through the nine circles of hell in pursuit of his beloved Beatrice. Along the way, the main character will have to find against all sorts of creepy monsters and tough bosses – with the fighting being also compared with Devil May Cry. Quite a mix of top games EA has here!

“When enemies die they leave behind health and magic orbs, which can also be found in chests, opened by holding Circle,” says the preview. Also, it reads that combos are “easily strung together by simple presses of the light and heavy attack buttons”.

It also appears that Dante’s Inferno will deliver some very impressive visuals, with (duuh!) horror elements: twisted creatures bursting from doorways, lava spewing from inverted crosses and bottomless pits making every step you take a real danger. In other words: quite impressive!