mario-and-sonicMario and Sonic at the Olympic Games was one of the most successful games of the past year and it seems that we might be getting more of them next year as reports suggest the development of Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, a sports title based around the winter games to be hosted in Canada in 2010. Quite a change in the characters’ sports preferences, right?

Although the Winter Olympics game featuring Mario and Sonic was not officially confirmed, it is known that Sega has purchased a license to develop two titles based on the upcoming competition in Canada. Also, Dennis Kim, director of licensing and merchandise for the event, told The Province:

“Last year, 2008, they had a very successful game using Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Games, as well as a multi-sport simulation type of game. That’s what’s being discussed and planned for Vancouver. We are feeling optimistic about sales because of the Beijing experience.”

This means that From running and sunny weather, Mario, Sonic and friends will have to go to clothes, gloves, ice skating, curling and other winter sports. It could be fun. And the success of the previous game proves that it could be a good investment, too. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more details pop up.