ea-games2008 was a pretty strange year for Electronic Arts: they managed to improve the scores of their games and even delivered some new, solid IPs but still they lost over $600 million in the holiday quarter and had to fire 1,100 people. It would’ve been understandable to hear EA say something like: “You can hate us again, but we’re changing back to what we were before 2008”. Fortunately, it did not happen. On the contrary.

Jeff Brown, vice president of communications for EA told Kotaku that they plan to continue taking risks and deliver brand new IPs. “We can take risks because we are pretty sure our blockbusters are going to generate good revenue that allow us some cushion,” he said. “So we’re not living hand to mouth.”

Brown went on to say that they have original and exciting IPs scheduled for 2009, like Dante’s Inferno and Dragon Age, but he also said that there are “about to be announced” titles, too. Hopefully these games will do better this year and prove all publishers that we also need brand new games, not just sequels.