kratosAll we knew until now about God of War III was that it’s under development and it supposedly looks better than Gears of War 2. Today we have a bunch of details about the upcoming PS3 exclusive, from Cyclops riding to hordes and enemies and puzzles. Excited already? Read on for a ton of exciting first details on God of War III.

According to EuroGamer, the upcoming title in the franchise will see Kratos riding Cyclops (and probably other mythical creatures) and using them to destroy hordes of enemies. According to the quoted preview, Sony’s biggest challenge was to “show people what the PS3 can do” – no, it can’t dance and cook, but it can deliver some outstanding visuals. And we can hardly wait to see some examples…

But until then, we have to listen to the words and simply imagine the greatness: titans, for starters, who will now appear during gameplay, making Kratos look like a little an ant planning to kill an elephant. “It’s not just a set piece anymore; it’s a living, breathing character,” said ame director Stig Asmussen about the titans.

Kratos will also look much better – about four times better compared to the PS2 version of GoW and he will also carry the scars he got from the previous two games, as well as some of the special abilities, like the Golden Fleece and the Icarus Wings. He will still have a lot of growing to do, as there are more combos included, as well as a brand new supernatural magic-type, but which was not detailed.

As expected, after losing the love and support of the ancient Gods, Kratos earned the right to wield more weapons – each promised to deliver a unique, completely new experience. Adding to that will be the increased number of opponents featured on screen at the same time: about 50, compared to 12-15 on the PS2. And that’s not all – the enemies will also be much smarter now, coordinating attacks and organizing into formations.

And after getting us that excited with all these details, Sony tells us that God of War III will still lack multiplayer modes. Hopefully the single player experience will indeed be solid enough to make us forget about that…


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