Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, if you’re reading this, you probably wonder how could you mix two of your greatest hobbies: gaming and your beloved lady during this special occasion and have loads of fun doing so. You don’t have to worry, we are here to offer you some advice: several games she will enjoy playing with you and which, most likely, will be a better option than the “old school” romantic dinner (although your girl, if she’s not at least a bit of a gamer, will definitely prefer the dinner).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the seven games to play with your girlfriend during the Valentine’s Weekend (in no specific order):

01mario-kart-wii1. Mario Kart Wii – This little racing game is not about winning, but about having fun (and, as strange as it might sound, girls really dig that). So the cute characters and zany action of the game will certainly lead to a memorable and pure fun evening. Or day. Or whatever it is when you start playing.

02littlebigplanet-valentine2. LittleBigPlanetDudes got married with the help of this title, so be careful with it if you don’t want to go that far! However, it’s safe to play on some of the most popular levels and she will certainly have fun guiding the cutesy little SackBoy through the stages. Then bring in the champagne bottle (or the natural orange juice if you’re younger) and let her know she can create a level, too. Or even better, instead of inviting her for a dance, invite her to create together with you your own level of love.

03singstar3. SingStar – It could be true that the only moments when you sing is while you take a shower, the door’s shut and nobody’s home, but she certainly loves singing. So if you really want to prove her that you love her, go for a karaoke session with the help of SingStar. You start singing and let her listen. Trust me, no matter how horrible your voice or overall singing skills are, she will still find that extremely romantic and she’ll be in heaven. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll wish to take you there with her, too *wink wink*

04sims-24. The Sims 2 – she has probably populated an entire neighborhood already and she’s still playing with the first family of Sims she created (which reached the 14th generation, by the way), but she will never have enough of The Sims 2. So invite her to start a brand new game with you, spend some time together to customize your characters and start living your life together. You will probably end the day exhausted, with 5 kids and no job, but at least it will be fun. However, if you wouldn’t like to continue the game and reach the 14th generation, make sure you “forget” to save the progress.

05wii-sports5. Wii Sports – If she’s an active kind of girl or if she likes sports, Nintendo’s best selling title is the perfect choice to keep you warm during the Valentine’s Weekend. What’s even better: you can change sports without breaking a sweat and a trip from Tennis to Bowling and Box (although the last one is not a must) will be certainly fun. Just make sure you let her win every now and then, or else she could hate the “stupid video games” forever.

6. Wii Fit – Or you could go for Wii Fit, a game that will probably turn into a real eye-candy for you, in the end. Just make sure she has the moves, preferably in the bikinis you just bought, and enjoy her Wii Fit session. Just make sure you use the right words to make her jump up the balance board – you don’t want to spend the entire Valentine’s Day trying to convince her that no, you don’t think she’s fat!

07mmorpg7. Any MMORPG – this could be like a plan for the future, her first baby steps in gaming. During the weekend most of the MMORPGs (even the free ones) are filled with Valentine’s Day events, from chocolate monsters to dancing hearts and more. Make sure you don’t go for a MMO that’s too dark – some cutest little anime characters will probably do better than orcs or other monsters. Them make sure that she doesn’t become an addict and spends all the coming days playing games, completely ignoring you.

And happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!