maplestoryWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Nexon decided to offer MapleStory players a sweet surprise for the weekend, to enjoy the game as much as they enjoy being together with the loved one (although this loved one, if not a gamer, will certainly be turned off by you playing the MMORPG during this period).

Starting today, players can participate at the Valentines Day event by hunting down chocolate-dropping monsters and delivering the chocolates to NPC “Ace of Hearts” which, in return, will reward you with chocolate baskets. The ever popular couple & friendship rings can now be snatched at a special discount price, while the Cash Shop also presents new special items that will sweeten the air. Players can also gather some extra Maple Points by participating at a screenshot event selecting the most romantic couples and friends at MapleStory Europe. And this last event sounds like a proper celebration!

Still, if for some reason you’re not in the mood for love, Nexon still has you covered: by the end of February, since it’s the month of carnival, there will be a double drop-ratio of items during the quests.