Weekly Round-up, January 24Although 2008 is over, it seems we still have a few unfinished business awards-wise: take the Top 100 Mods of the Year 2008 as an example: you can still vote for the ultimate winner, if you didn’t already. If you did, then we can only look forward: first, at the top 10 PC games to be released in 2009 (with the other platforms coming next week). Also, if you’d like to glance into the future, check out Ubisoft’s games release list as well.

However, we’ve also had our share of bad news this week, especially related to Electronic Arts which is being hit by the economic downturn and might fire 1,000 people. The company started by axing employees from their Tiburon and Black Box studios and there are reports that all is not over yet. Still, it seems that Electronic Arts is not doing bad at all, since the company plans to release no less than four new Spore products this year!

Mythic might also release “something” – we don’t know what it is for now, but we love the way they’re teasing it: by sending WAR players hair dye and haircut machines. Maybe they just like oranges. Or maybe they just love animals (yes, I know, there’s absolutely no connection, but I had to write something!) like the stupidest burglars of January who stole a tarantula and ignored an Xbox 360 console plus hundreds of games. Who knows – maybe they heard about a nasty Error 74 coming to Xbox 360 consoles and they were too scared…

We’re not scared though. Actually, we were so brave this week that we decided to go back to the past and re-live the amazing experience of classic beat’em up games: check out our impressions and let nostalgia take over by reading our Time Traveling feature on Golden Axe.

And if you did get this far, you’re up for a treat (aka lovely ladies): first, Jade Raymond and Olivia Munn who are now two of the most desirable women of 2009. Second, enjoy the hot Megan Fox picture we have and droll all over the place thinking that she could be the next Lara Croft. Yes, we still feature the “old” Lara in the upper left corner because we do love her, but a bit of change never hurts…


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