system-errorDear Xbox 360 owners, I might have some terrible news for you: a new problem is in town to measure its strengths against the infamous RROD: the “error 74” which is starting to be reported by a growing number of Xbox 360 owners. Unfortunately, there are no reports yet regarding the exact things that cause this error, but it does have the power to kill off your console.

According to various reports, including website xboxevolved, it all starts with some glitchy visuals that require a reboot and, after you’ll reboot, you’ll only get the following message: “System error. Contact Xbox Customer Support” and below that you’re announced that an error 74 encountered.

This is not a brand new problem, as similar errors were reported in the past, but only now they became “popular” since lots of forum users are reporting the same error 74 on their Xbox 360 consoles. There is no certain information regarding the thing that triggers the problem, but some users seem to believe that it might be a problematic game disc involved.