warhammer-mystery-kitI must admit that I find it very enjoyable whenever game developers find new ways to amaze their customers, and that’s exactly what Mythic Entertainment did regarding their Warhammer Online MMORPG. In other words, they started to send mysterious packages containing a set of an orange hair dye and a haircut kit, along with a teaser: “More to come 1-29-09”.

Keen & Graev’s gaming blog was one of the first to receive this mysterious gift from Mythic, but just like everybody else, they have no idea what exactly it stands for. It could be connected with the upcoming patch 1.1.1 for Warhammer Online (which is known as a pretty important patch) but why haircut machine and hair dye (with Fruit Oil Concentrates) is unclear.

Some suggest that it could be a very original way of announcing that a Dwarf Slayer might be under way, since “a notable aspect to Dwarf culture is the Slayer Oath. A Dwarf who has suffered a great shame, loss, or humiliation will dye his hair and beard orange, and cut it into a Mohawk using pig grease to stick it in place.”

Of course, things could be far less impressive, and Mythic might be actually announcing full customization options with the upcomig patch. Or that an orange-haired Nicholas Cage from Con Air (check out the haircut machine!) is going to save the world of big, green and ugly orcs which are preparing to invade us… or is it too much. Two things are clear, though: Mythic deserves and A+ for originality and “More to come 1-29-09”. We’re waiting…