bounty-bay-onlineAll Bounty Bay Online players should prepare to coast to new shores following Frogster’s release of the Colony Add-on for the beloved MMORPG. Completely free to download, this huge expansion (the second largest in BBO’s history) allows players to establish colonies in 33 coastal regions after completing a special quest and brings lots of extra goodies in order to make your free stay in Bounty Bay even more enjoyable.

The Colony add-on basically offers ambitious guilds their own retreat and a lucrative trading base since Colony founders can determine both the trade policy and the development of the new realm. Also, new quests will be introduced into Bounty Bay Online, as well as new land bosses (with improved tactics for extra difficulty!) and all new pirate ships. Another new feature of the Colony Add-on concerns ship convoys: as a last resort before sinking, the leading ship of a convoy can now launch small speedboats, trying to save its treasures before the impending demise. Makes sense…

However, that’s not everything (I told you this is the second largest expansion for BBO). After updating, players will also receive the possibility to salvage treasures from the sea and, therefore, a more complex trading system will be implemented.

The Bounty Bay Online Colony add-on is available as a free download of about 500 MB. You don’t have to worry about anything but a strong internet connection, as it will be automatically installed when you next start the game. Good luck, captain!