Sony announced that the Ethernauts’ journey continues with the sixth Legends of Norrath set, Against the Void. Scheduled for release next month, Against the Void pushes the story of the Ethernauts into dark new territory, while also adding more than 280 new gameplay cards, 16 new loot cards for both Everquest and Everquest II. Two new playable races and 10 brand new scenarios will round the incredible offer of Against the Void.

Also, Sony will extend the five booster pack per month promotions to EverQuest and EverQuest II subscribers with current, paid accounts in good standing. This is a great way to quickly build a collection of cards to bring into Legends of Norrath and begin playing and, of course, make sure that Sony gets a few bucks to put into their pockets.

Legends of Norrath Against the Void will be available in February in 15-card booster packs for $2.99 but also a Ethernauts Legendary Starter Pack will be available for $19.99. So if it’s trading card games you like, that’s exactly what Sony is offering!