tarantula1Liam Douglas could by considered by gamers a lucky person since burglars who broke into his house ignored his Xbox 360 console and stole his tarantula (which was wisely named Fangs). The bonus: “hundreds” of Xbox 360 games were also on the floor at the time, and they were also ignored by the thieves (which means they were probably over 80 or something). That’s what I call lack of inspiration!

And I’m not the only one to do so: Liam’s mother seems to have the same opinion: “ I was at a friend’s house when somebody must have got in and stolen the spider. None of the boys heard a sound. It is very strange because there was an Xbox 360 and hundreds of games on the floor at the time, but they left that and went straight for the spider,” she said to Gazette & Herald.

However, the tarantula was not a worthless bug either: it is worth about $350. However, it does not compare with the combined value of an Xbox 360 console and hundreds of games attached to it. So – stupidest burglars ever? Yes. However, I’m sure nobody will mind that they didn’t do more damage, even though Liam still suffers:

“Liam is absolutely gutted. He sobbed his heart out when he found out,” his mother said. Keep your chin up, kid! You still have Halo 3!