tiburonlogoIt’s never a pleasure to announce that people got fired, but unfortunately that’s what happened at Electronic Arts’ Tiburon studio where an undisclosed number of layoffs were made following EA’s cost-cutting plan. However, it is possible that the actual numbers are not that high, since some of the reductions were achieved by freezing open positions.

Speaking to the Orlando Sentinel, Craig Hagen, the guy who handles government affairs for Electronic Arts, said: “The economy is affecting every industry including ours and we need to tighten our belts and reduce our operating costs.” However, she added that “Tiburon remains one of the flagship studios for EA Sports and will continue to be the home base for the leading sports franchises like Madden and Tiger and NCAA Football.”

We truly hope that the fired people will be able to get back on track quickly and continue doing what they know best: provide us with quality video games.