Sony logoNot the first company to do so, Sony has announced a revision of its financial forecast for the fiscal year (which ends March 31, 2009) especially because the recession the appreciation of the yen – yes, as strange as it might sound, the Japan-based company is probably not too happy to see the yen doing so well…

The company announced that it forecasts 260 billion yen (US$2.95 billion) in operating income losses and 150 billion yen ($1.68 billion) in net income loses, with the gaming division being affected, too. However, the company announced that since these are just forecasts, the real numbers might be different. Still, we had a while ago a report regarding a possible post of losses of $1 billion (for the first time in 14 years) and it’s clear now that the real numbers are a bit higher…

Sony also said that “In the Game segment, operating income (loss) is expected to be lower by approximately ¥30 billion. Of this, approximately ¥15 billion is due to the impact of the appreciation of the yen and approximately ¥15 billion is due to lower-than-expected sales.”

So yes, if you didn’t know that already – there are some tough times ahead. For everybody.


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