mysteryThe new trend is that of launching “mysterious” countdowns and teasers in order to make the gamers go wild and start making up tons of stories regarding the “big announcement” to come. Generally the real announcement is nowhere near the grandeur anticipated by gamers and that kind of lets them disappointed, but still it does not seem to affect the publishers at all.

Therefore, we have a new countdown: one connected with Final Fantasy XIII and which only reads “The countdown has begun. A new vision will soon be revealed to the world. Register now to ensure you’re there for the unveiling.” The “new vision” will be unveiled six days from now and it will probably be nothing but a new trailer.

However, it might present the new character we’ve already talked about, Sazh Katzroy – and that would be a bonus. Or it could be more. Or less. Yes, it’s a mystery, after all and we can only guess. I would advice against going too far: the game will only hit Western stores in early 2010, so there’s no need for us to hurry.