ff-xiii-scanWe’re really glad to offer you the news regarding the upcoming and highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII: V-Jump magazine has revealed a brand new character, Sazh Katzroy. At the moment details regarding the new FFXIII character are scarce, but we do have a scan to the left (via a game fansite) and the first initial details.

So, according to the aforementioned website, Sazh Katzroy is a middle aged man who wields dual pistols, has a Baby Chocobo, is a “gentle hearted person easily moved to tears” who still possesses a good judgment and a high sense of social responsibility.

Also, the V-Jump scan shows us the new character fighting with Lightning which is also a first for Final Fantasy XIII (it’s the first battle shot with more than one character in the party). A last thing worth mentioning: Sazh Katzroy (and probably his Baby Chocobo) is a starting party member! Unfortunately, that’s about everything we can tell you about this new character. However, as soon as we’ll have new details, we’ll make sure to let you know.