NPD logoAlthough everybody keeps saying that the games industry is still doing great despite the economic downturn and, even more, that Nintendo seems to be completely recession-proof, marketing research group NPD says that games are already in recession, despite a continued growth of the industry.

According to Michael Klotz, senior account manager at the NPD Group, one out every four dollars spent on entertainment was actually spent on games. Also, compared to the last year, only September saw a decline of 7% in the games industry, while August had 9% growth, October had 12% growth, and November grew by 8%. You would translate this as “doing good,” right?

Well, according to Klotz it’s not correct: “The game industry is growing, but it has been impacted by the recession,” he said. “We probably would have seen even more growth if it hadn’t been impacted by the current economic climate in the U.S.”

Strange thing to consider a growing industry affected by recession. I am sure some other industries would gladly accept to be hit by the recession like the games industry and only record a “smaller profit” – as long as we’re still talking about hundreds of millions…