mario-power-tennisNintendo decided to rework and release two beloved GameCube games on Wii consoles: New Play Control! Pikmin and New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis. The two titles will feature widescreen and Wiimote support as well as a fun and challenging gameplay. New Play Control! Pikmin will be up for grabs on February 6, and Mario Power Tennis will be released one month later, on March 6.

If you don’t know that yet, in the Pikmin game players control a spaceman called Captain Olimar who has crash-landed on an unusual planet. The planet is inhabited by strange flower-like creatures that are half-animal, half-plant – as well as a variety of hostile creatures who will try and stop you in your mission. And that mission is simple: you must collect 30 sections of your ship and continue your journey. Luckily, the Pikmins will help you, each coming with unique strengths and promising, all in all, tons of entertaining gameplay.

New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis will delight Wii Tennis fans with even more options: the ability to use your Wii Remote to play a wide range of different shots, from overhand strikes to backhands – and, of course the famous Power Shots, which are different for each character as well as levels of control types which increase in difficulty ensuring players of all levels of gameplay experience can enjoy the game

A series of tennis-themed mini-games will also keep you coming back for more. “Artist on the Court” lobs special paintballs at you and challenges you to knock them onto the appropriate areas of an uncoloured picture that’s sitting where the net would usually be. In “Terror Tennis”, you have to keep a bunch of ghosts under control by hitting balls at any of them that start moving around. Five of these mini-games are available to begin with, but if you win enough tournaments you will unlock several more. In other words, it will be pure fun, no matter what game you choose to purchase.