teaser-webiteWe all like mysteries and Sega seems to be challenging us this time by launching a mysterious teaser website were we can only see a countdown which ends 9 days from now. As expected, we’re only given a few hints: a blue and yellow mushroom is present in the middle of the screen and Takao Miyoshi‘s name is mentioned. So… what could it be?

Miyoshi’s can be connected with a bunch of Sonic Games (Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 3D and more) but also with Phantasy Star Universe, which might actually be the upcoming game to be announced by Sega. Because, if you look closely, the letter “u” in the word “produce” on the website is red, which can stand from “Universe”.

However, a new Shenmue title would also be quite welcomed by Sega fans – a Shenmue III game was reportedly confirmed by the developers years ago, but there were no recent mentions. One way or another, we’ll certainly find out what this all is about nine days from now. Hopefully it will not be a new Golden Axe sequel…


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