Lots of great info this week for gamers: we received the first ever Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II gameplay image, which, even though blurry and completely “empty” still managed to bring the hype to whole new levels. And the same thing can be said about Diablo III, with the mention that there’s always hype surrounding Blizzard’s RPG. We have discussed the chances of seeing Diablo III in 2010 and unfortunately didn’t manage do draw any conclusions. But we do know it’s not coming out this year!

American McGee announced a deal with Electronic Arts to bring back to life one of the most appreciated games of 2000, American McGee’s Alice with a sequel. No details were offered regarding this sequel, but just knowing that the game is in the works gets us excited!

We can’t say the same thing about some Street Fighter IV figurines, though: featuring a rather obscene typo, they had to be removed. And now all your base are belong to them. But what belongs to you (it has to!) is Street Fighter IV the video game, which is absolutely awesome! We have a tutorial on how to easily unlock all the characters, so start fighting now!

If you don’t have the game, but would still love to perform some enemy skull crushing, simply enter the virtual worlds in Age of Conan: there are four brand new dungeons in the game now, which means more stuff to do! And you really need to have something to do, especially if you are that kind of person who lets their e-mail account expire: Xbox Live accounts start vanquishing because of this flaw, so better be careful!

Finally, we can end the week with some debate and intense thinking. First of all, by checking out Daivd Jaffe’s opinion on game design and emotions – some really nice thoughts, too! And second, by checking our regular feature “Time Traveling” – this week we went back in time to a period when you could play Mortal Kombat at school and nobody noticed. Cool, huh?