killzone21It’s never too late to announce plans for a new year – that’s what Sony seem to believe, since the company just released their planned lineup for 2009, filled with “blockbuster” titles, according to the company (and we mostly agree about that). So, if you’re interested to know which these games are (with most of them already mentioned in our list of 10 hottest PS3 games to be released in 2009), read on:

First, we’ll have Killzone 2, a game everybody is talking about and everybody is waiting to play. The shooter will be out this February on the 27. In order to prove the game’s uniqueness and incredible visual art, Sony also released a new television ad campaign in collaboration with Killzone 2 developer Guerrilla Games. Coined the “Bullet” commercial, the new ad was rendered entirely in-engine via the incredible power of the Killzone 2 engine and PS3 technology to preserve the unique visual and epic gameplay experience.

“Every single frame of this commercial was directly rendered on a PS3 without the need for additional tweaking or touching up. We’re very proud that our game engine technology has reached the point where we don’t have to resort to software pre-rendering,” said Hermen Hulst, Managing Director. “In that regard it is a testament to our commitment to deliver on what we promise. What you see is what you get.”

Back to the PS3 blockbuster lineup for 2009, Sony mentioned the following exclusives: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, inFamous, MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III and MLB 09 The Show. A really good lineup of exclusives, indeed! And hopefully there are some other surprises in store by the end of the year!