cod-modern-warfare-2What you can see to the left is the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II image, as posted by Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling. As you probably imagine, and as you can see for yourself, the actual game footage (if we can call it game footage) which can be seen on the screens is very blurry and basically proves nothing.

So, yes, we can say that it’s nothing but a tease from Infinity Ward, since we’re not shown anything. But at least you know who to envy the most now, especially if you’re one of those aching for Modern Warfare 2. Still, we do hope that since the game is playable, we’ll soon get a full press release and some juicy screenshots. But we can’t guarantee anything!

Update: I just noticed that Dane Cook also posted a twitter update regarding the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II session and wrote: “MW2 – sick F’in game. Thanks to all my new friends at Infintry Ward for a fragrastic day. Truly the game is killer good job all.” Yes, even more teasing!

So… how badly do you want to know more?