dsiNot that it matters anymore, but Nintendo’s DSi was originally designed to have two DS slots, and not just a one port system. However, the new handheld will hit the states without a GBA port (probably making Pokemon fans suffer) because otherwise, the new toy would’ve been too heavy.

Speaking with the NintendoDSi website Nintendo development engineer Masato Kuwahara admitted that while the handheld was in its design stages, there were two DS slots – introduced especially because of fans’ requests, but that made the DSi a great deal bulkier, so one had to be dropped.

“The response wasn’t that great, and, to tell the truth, we’d sort of been expecting that,” said Kuwahara. “According to the determined specifications, however, there was nothing we could do to stop it from turning out like that. We unveiled it to them, all the while doubting that it was going to be all right.”

It seems that it was, even though there are just a few changes compared to the recently released DS Lite – but it seems that a larger LCD screen is considered by many fans a real deal!