shepardThere are very, very few details known about Mass Effect 2 and the just-released teaser trailer does not offer much information either, but it does bring some “shocking”news: Captain Shepard will no longer be the main character since… he was killed in combat. Poor fella, he’s going to be missed (even though I do believe that he will somehow be brought back to life… it’s just a feeling I have, though).

Anyway, as you can see in the Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer presented by 1UP, Sheperd is completely out of this world – and that’s the only thing you’ll get for watching the video. There are no gameplay images and no details on the story, but at least it’s a start and it does clear the fog surrounding the “You’ll be able to take that save game and create a character in Mass Effect 2” stuff told to us in “The Future of Mass Effect Documentary”. We’re waiting for more.