mass_effectThe recently released Mass Effect two disc Platinum Hits edition delivers as bonus content a documentary video titled “The Future of Mass Effect” which, exactly as the name suggests, offers quite a few information about BioWare’s plans for the future, from upcoming DLC for the original title, to plans for Mass Effect 2.

It seems that the developers wants the two games (ME and ME2, that is) to be somehow connected and even allow players to “carry over” the characters they have created. However, there might be a trick we’re not yet aware of – at least that’s what the video documentary makes us believe.

The video says “Any saved game that you make from Mass Effect 1 you should be able to carry that same character into to Mass Effect 2. You’ll be able to take that save game and create a character in Mass Effect 2.”

There are two key elements here “should be able” and “create a character”. This could mean that, after all, we’ll not be carrying the fully developed character. So, how exactly will all this stuff work? Nobody knows for sure yet and clearly BioWare didn’t want to spill the beans too early. But we do know that there will be some kind of a connection, so we’re patiently waiting for more details.