xbox360A new and rather strange problem is hitting Xbox 360 owners these days, as sources confirm that an email problem via Microsoft has already caused the deletion of some Gamertags and it could be possible that even more will follow.

Apparently, there is absolutely no fix for this problem and Microsoft is working madly to find out the causes and a possible way of stopping more Xbox Live accounts to be deleted. But until they do so, many people could consider their achievements from the past four years in deep danger. We do hope for all the best, though.

Gamesindustry details the problem: “The problem stems from the Windows Live ID email address that’s required to set up a Gold membership, and specifically those which are automatically set to expire after a period of inactivity, such as Hotmail.

If a user allows their Windows Live ID email to expire – perhaps because they use an alternative such as Gmail on a day-to-day basis – the email account is deleted, along with any Gamertag that may be associated with it, even if the user has set up additional non-Hotmail addresses in the meantime.”

So I guess it’s time you signed in into your email ASAP!