crysisRecently, the Crysis developers Crytek purchased development studio Free Radical and this could mean that the company plans to expand on the consoles market. But first, according to an interview on Actiontrip, Crytek plans to re-hire the Free Radical fired developers in order to put the studio back on its feet. A really nice move!

However, they’re not up for charity (at least not just for the sake of charity itself): according to reports, the company plans to develop Crysis for consoles, too. Here’s what Crytek managing director Anvi Yerli told Actiontrip:

“Our console plans are no secret — they happened long before we thought of the acquisition of Free Radical. But in the end, the fact that Free Radical is very experienced with console shooters made the deal even more valuable.”

However, he did not go on to detail what shooter he’s talking about, but since Crysis was such a real success, we might have a winner!