street-fighter4With Street Fighter IV just released, you probably wonder now what could you do in order to unlock all the characters from Capcom’s title. I will tell you that it’s easier than you might have imagined. Of course, there’s a bit of cheating involved (kind of), but at least you’ll unlock the 9 extra SF4 characters without a problem!

Basically the idea is to simplify your Street Fighter rounds as much as possible. Therefore, set the game’s difficulty level to Easiest on the Arcade mode and only select one round per match. On this difficulty setting, the AI controlled characters have no skills and can easily be defeated without breaking a sweat. Simple keep Hard Kick or Hard Punch pressed and never worry about a thing: you will win all the matches easily, and therefore unlock all the Street Fighter IV extra characters eventually – you just need time, but it’s better than “your skill matters,” right?

Of course, you could go for the hard way and simply play the game but, if you want the fighters unlocked easier, this method described above is the fastest and by far easiest of them all. So good luck with your newly unlocked characters!