faithAs you probably remember, a while ago we presented you a small tutorial (read: hack) on how to play Mirror’s Edge in a third person view. Although interesting in concept, it was proved that the third person view was not at all exciting and looked quite bad (which made complete sense, having in mind that the game was not created with a TPS pov in mind).

However, 1UP wanted to find out what DICE has to say about the possibility of seeing Faith in third person and how did the developers feel when they saw people using this hack. They weren’t upset at all, it appears, even though they weren’t actually hoping that PC users will find this hack:

“Mirror’s Edge has always been a first-person game and it was never designed or intended to be a third-person one,” said DICE producer Tom Farrer. “It doesn’t really surprise me though. The PC community always has a lot of fun playing around with games, finding ways to modify and experiment with them. It’s always fun and interesting to see what they come up with.”

The producer went on to say that, even though Faith’s moves in third person are not good enough to make the game highly enjoyable from that perspective, the girls still looks very well (detailed) because she is the “shadow mesh”. Farrer explains: “Faith has a basic third-person rig and animations that are used to cast her shadow. If we cast a shadow from the first-person rig it would look very odd indeed so that’s why it’s in there.”

Here you go, now you know what Dice has to say about this little Mirror’s Edge hack. If you want to know our opinion on the game, check out our Mirror’s Edge PC review!