age-of-conanAlthough its successful days are over, Age of Conan still remains an enjoyable MMORPG and, most important, one not forgotten by its developers. Therefore, Funcom has just released a massive patch for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, adding four new dungeons to the game and fixing many issues the game has.

The newly introduced dungeons are mostly for the best of the best (read: characters of maximum level): the Slaughterhouse Cellar (a solo instance), Xibaluku (a group dungeon), Black Ring Citadel (a new raid). The fourth new area is for players in their low 40s (we’re still talking about the levels here!) – called Cradle of Decay, it’s a group instance.

Funcom also addressed a lot of issues within the game, added a few tweaks to character classes and much more. As I said, a pretty solid patch which might get a few of the old Age of Conan players back for a new round or, why not, even add new ones to the game!