domoA new major update is hitting the Domo servers today as Gametribe prepares to give fans of their free to play MMO even more reasons to play the game. The update consists in the introduction of new content: two quests, new items and goodie bags. And such things are always welcomed in games.

Here are details on the two new quests:

Tiger Demon in Eversun suburbs (level 55). Complete this instanced quest to unlock the level 64!!
Protect the Governor’s son in Copperhorn Mountain. Talk to NPC Councellor Reese or Emperor Gang Spy

The newly introduced items include new costumes (Red Traditional Dress and Robe), Blue Sky Wings, a special edition Samurai costumes goodie bag available until March 4th and more. It wasn’t detailed, though, how Domo players can get their hands on the goodies, but I do believe that is the most pleasant part of any game: finding out for yourself, right? So go out there and grab yourself the new items!