the-carbuncleThe free to play MMORPG Rappelz is celebrating its first anniversary from February 17th to March 17th and developers gPotato plan to do it in style: new community events and additional content are planned for this special occasion, so adventurers of all levels should expect a lot of pleasant surprises during the upcoming weeks.

The first update to Rappelz is already out: a new creature was introduced (The Carbuncle, pictured in the upper left corner). This intriguing creature grants amazing powers to allow its owner to earn more drops from monsters, giving players a much greater chance to find lots of interesting treasures – but the devs did not mention how one can get it. However, they did say that new items providing various improvements to the characters were introduced, as well as new visual effects and bonuses.

Until the 24th February, the event “It’s raining pets!” will also be running: all the monsters will have an increased chance to drop cool loot items for adventurers and their pets. These include many items to increase the characteristics of your pets, taming cards or even creature cards to be collected. There are also many other objects that are more rare and unique, such as the highly sought-after looting pets such as the Arcadia or the Armored Crab.

Finally, until the 17th March, a big video event will give players the chance to express their creativity by featuring their characters in the world of Rappelz. The winners will win exceptional prizes, including a significant amount of gPotato points, a set of complete equipment for their character or a permanent mount to cross more quickly the Rappelz lands. So get out there and prove your MMO skills!