galactik-footballOne of the most popular football (soccer) animation series nowadays is Galactik Football, produced by French animation studio Alphanim. Actually, the game is so popular and has such an incredible universe to build upon that developer Virtual Fairground decided to work together with the series’ creators and prepare a sports MMO game and virtual world based on Galactik Football. So soon enough everybody will be able to be part of the incredible setups of their favorite teams!

The Galactik Football game will see a phased international roll-out of the game and service starting spring 2009 up until a full launch in 2010 – hopefully this decision won’t backfire and make people lose their interest with “incomplete” features. Certainly the developers know better what they’re doing.

The nice thing regarding this upcoming sports MMO/Virtual world is that it’s going to be entirely flash-based and will run directly from the browser, without the need for a client or other plug-in!

Ilja Goossens of Virtual Fairground: “We’re creating a high-end entertainment experience for the web but accessibility is a key feature for us and our audience. That is why we’ve set this challenging development goal for ourselves: making everything run from the browser. We’re extremely proud of the cutting-edge 2D and 3D graphical elements our team is producing at the moment. This game will be an eye-brow raiser when we launch its first phase in April.”

We don’t know if Galactik Football will be free to play, microtransaction or subscription based, but we’ll certainly find out more this April.