captain-kirkStar Trek fans who were hoping to encounter Captain Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek Online will probably be a bit disappointed: Cryptic Studios has no plans to bring him (or, unfortunately, other characters from the franchise) to life in the upcoming release.

Speaking with MTV Multiplayer at the Comic Con, executive producer Craig Zinkievich said that we “probably will not” see the beloved character in Star Trek Online. He said: “I think you’ll see events and settings, and relatives of the known characters. But we’re in the future where the majority of the known characters have passed on.”

However, somehow, we might be getting a bit of classics in the upcoming release from Cryptic: Dr Spock, for example, since Leonard Nimoy helped the developers to promote the game in August.

“We’re going to continue to work with him,” said Zinkeivich. “We’ve been in contact with a number of people who have been involved with the franchise, and it’s really cool to talk to those guys.” Hopefully they’re not only planning to talk to them, but also somehow introduce them in the MMO.