sho-onlineSho Online, a free to play MMORPG from Lizard Interactive is getting ready for a big makeover which will revise the war system of the game by adding a new, powerful class of weapons – the Treasure Weapons. This update is set to be released in early March, but Sho Online players should not worry: we have the details here!

The Treasure Weapons are some really powerful items which were lost ages ago, but somehow (probably through the use of magic), the secret methods of creating them can now be found in some treasure chests. So, in order to get one of these ultimate weapons of power, players must find these secrets and gather the necessary materials by defeating menacing monsters. The new Sho Online weapons will be available for any of the six in-game classes.

The Treasure Weapons are for players above level 20 and these are among most powerful weapons available in Sho Online. They have colorful graphic effects and can be enhanced. Total of 24 types of Treasure Weapons are available, four for each profession. Enough to change things around, quite a bit!