cronous1Even though Lizard Interactive is planning the release of the Legendary Treasure Weapons to Sho Online, they still had time to look a bit after Cronous and launch the highly anticipated Limited Item Package, for those who are willing to spend some extra money in the in-game shop.

Starting next week, two Package items will be sold – but just for a limited period of time (two weeks) so you should start analyzing your budget right away and decide if that’s how you’ll spend some money. The first limited edition package, Blessing of God 1.8 Package contains 1.8 times EXP, 4 types of weapon enhancements, a 30-day avatar items, while the second package item contains Double EXP instead of 1.8 and better enhancement items.

Also, another widely popular item returns next week, the Premium Dice item (which generates other weapons) and which could give you, if you’re extremely lucky, some really powerful items. The Premium Dice offers armors for 105 level Masters, new growth weapons, 4th Hover weapons and more – and it’s coming back to Cronous next week, hand in hand with the Limited Item Package.