Roper Defends Warhammer Online

Roper Defends Warhammer Online

warRecently, Electronic Arts announced that Warhammer Online has 300,000 subscribers and people considered that an ultimate low. However, it might not be the case: even though, probably, the developers would’ve expected and hoped for much more players on their servers, 300,000 is a solid number. At least that’s what Cryptic’s Bill Roper considers.

“I hear half the people are saying, ‘Oh gosh, Warhammer looks like it isn’t doing so great,’ because they said they had 300,000 subscribers. Those are not bad numbers,” he said to MTV. “I know many games out there that would love to have 300,000 subscribers,” he continued.

He went on to say that comparing each and every MMO’s success with World of Warcraft (Blizzard’s MMORPG has over 11 million subscribers) is not right: “It’s like when you’re in school, and there’s the one kid that gets 100 per cent on every single test. You have to throw him out of the curve to actually see how everyone else compares because everyone fails when compared to that guy”.

And Bill Roper really knows about the ups and downs of MMORPGs, especially after the studio-killer Hellgate: London. MMOs, just like many other games, are tough to get started and can’t instantly become hits with millions of users. However, quality and continued improvement will add to the game’s quality and eventually it will become more successful. So even though Warhammer has now “only” 300,000 subscribers, next year it might have a million. But we’ll see then what happens with it (and other WoW competitors).