the bestFebruary 2010 is gone, spring is here, but all we can do is enjoy the best flash games of the previous month, right? We had quite a few titles awarded here in the Unigamesity during the previous month, all of them must-plays so check out the list below to see if you somehow missed any. Have fun playing the flash games of the Month February 2010!

Rubble Trouble – Destroy everything in sight in this really funny “demolition” free flash game!

Big Island Escape – you need some really good eyes to finish this game, a hidden object type of game with loads of beautiful girls in it!

Record Tripping – as close to an esoteric travel as a free flash game can get, Record Tripping is that kind of experience you’ll always remember. A must play!

Zoo Transport – if you think you’ve got some real driving skills, think again! This free driving game will prove you were wrong, but you’ll still have loads of fun playing it!

M-Bot – a “classic” side scrolling shooter with a few modern elements packed in just to make all the 10 minutes of gameplay a really intense experience!

Choice of the Dragon – sometimes, all you need is some well written text and your imagination will do wonders. Choice of the Dragon is that kind of the game that you have to play whenever you feel too old or too smart for those flashy, colorful little games!

Wake the Royalty – physics based gameplay and sleeping royalties. Obviously, a great job for you and a real challenge!

One Button Bob – you might be tempted to think that a game that only requires you to press one button in order to play it is a nightmare of boredom. Well… it’s not! Check it out for yourself and see!

Funky Parrot Redemption – a funny little escape the room game that requires quite some random clicking. But we all know that sometimes things that make no sense are the funniest!

Bloons Super Monkey – BLOONS! Need I say more?

Primary – you’re a color shifter. You’re the last hope. You’re red. And Yellow. And Blue.

ImmorTall – a fairy tale, a trip into the life of an alien being trapped on earth for a few days. Not really a game, but you certainly have to give it a try!

These are the best flash games released over the past month. If you want even more free flash goodies, stay tuned!