choice-of-dragonsWell, you’ve been put in almost all kinds of shoes while playing games, but never (or, at least, rarely) you were a dragon, right? However, I’m sure that you’d love to play as a dragon – a ruthless one, a brutal one or a dragon of honor – it’s your choice in the end. If you’re curious what I’m talking about, read on to find out more about today’s free flash game of the day, Choice of the Dragon.

Just like the title hints, Choice of the Dragon is a text-based multiple choice game that will keep you hooked while scratching your invisible beard and commanding your invisible goblins to be quiet. It’s a game that’s extremely well done for a text-only title and I’m sure you’ll replay it at least once just out of curiosity – to see what happens if you choose another path.

You start out your life as a dragon in Choice of the Dragon by answering questions who generate your stats. Then, you begin your adventure – and adventure of might and honor, of battles and, above all, tough decisions to make: will you kidnap a princess or a prince? Will you let your foes live or kill them instantly? What will you do?

These questions will be answered while you play and, as I said before, you’ll be amazed to follow the story. So simply make sure that you have a few spare minutes, sit comfortably in your chair, maybe get a hot chocolate and start playing Choice of the Dragon. Have fun!