wake-royaltyI’m sure that you still remember the cool Wake Up the Box – today I’m going to recommend something very similar, Wake the Royalty. “Everyone is sleeping in the kingdom. Wake up all the royal family!” says the official description and the game was so high quality that we decided to award it with Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award!

Created by the same people behind Wake Up the Box, Wake the Royalty has the same concept: you must connect various pieces of wood and wheels so that you wake up the Royal family. Unlike the original game, now you’ll have more “boxes” to wake up so the challenge will be a bit bigger. Also, there are some levels where you will have to act really quick and be very precise at the same time, so we can say that Wake the Royalty is really a challenging and fun puzzler.

There’s nothing I can find to criticize: the puzzles are smart, the visuals are great and you can eventually find the solution for yourself without searching for a walkthrough. And I guess that’s a great thing for a puzzler!

So go ahead and try Wake the Royalty by clicking the link. Have fun!