one-button-bobIf you still love those cool pixelated retro games or you’re a sucker for platformers, then you’ll definitely have to try out today’s free flash game of the day, One Button Bob. It’s an amazing game that takes things back to the basics and does it extremely well. Prepare to be amazed!

Created by NinjaDoodle, One Button Bob is apparently, not a difficult game: there’s only one button to press while playing, so that means it’s extremely easy, right? WRONG! You will have to act quick most of the times, while in the rest of the stages you’ll have to calculate your move perfectly if you want to go through.

The stages are quite short (maybe a few seconds of play time), but that’s really awesome since dying over and over again won’t become so frustrating – especially since you won’t have to restart from the beginning, but the start of the stage.

Even better, One Button Bob adds some extra challenge in by counting the number of your clicks. Of course, the point is to finish the game with as few clicks as possible so you’ll certainly wish to replay the game after you finish it and you realize that the last boss fight just doubled the amount of your clicks.

So head over to LingoLux and play One Button Bob, then make sure to return and let us know if you managed to beat my poor first play score: 422 clicks!