funky-parrotEvery now and then we should leave all the difficult tasks (and games) aside and simply enjoy a silly, but funny thing. Today, that thing is a free to play flash game, Funky Parrot Redemption, a colorful escape the room game that manages to snag Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award!

Funky Parrot Redemption begins with a shipwreck, you being on the ship but finding salvation on a tiny island where a parrot resides, alongside a… toiled. Yes, there are always toilets on tiny islands in the middle of the ocean!

The game itself is silly and colorful, the solution is not completely logical and it will give you a few headaches, but in the end you’ll certainly manage to get it over with. Part of that is the fact that you won’t get lost while playing – there’s just one screen and not too many items to combine and gather so even the “click until something happens” strategy might work every now and then.

Overall, probably thanks to my strange sense of humor, I had quite some fun with Funky Parrot Redemption and considered it a well-earned five minute break. So if you think you need one too, check the game out and have fun!