immortalTody’s free flash game of the day is a special title: ImmorTall. Some may say that it’s not even a game, but an esoteric journey that will make quite a few people sit back and think about what happened in the game for a few seconds. Others might consider it crap and forget it ever existed. Personally I think you should give it a try no matter what.

The developer of ImmorTall says it best: “This is a game that you may not consider to be a game. It won’t tell you if you’ve won or lost. You won’t level up or defeat the final boss. It’s short. It’s simple. You might get nothing out of it at all. That’s fine. Just try and be respectful to those who do.”

Basically, you are put in the shoes of an alien being that ends up on earth. You can only move forward and backwards and there’s not much of a gameplay to talk about. Unfortunately, I simply can’t say more without spoiling the entire game and I don’t want to do that. It might sound strange, I know, but I am also sure you’ve heard and seen stranger things.

So just trust me and head over to Armor Games to play ImmorTall. At most, you’ll waste 120 seconds…