fishing-gameDo you love fishing and you’re upset whenever you don’t have enough time to relax with the fishing rod in your hand, or when the weather’s awful or you simply can’t go? Don’t be anymore as there are a lot of fishing games online that can help you relax and enjoy a fishing trip without any (major) costs. Read on to learn how and where to find the best online fishing games over the internet and never be upset again if you can’t fish in the real world!

FREE fishing games to play online

As you can imagine, there are a ton of awesome fishing games you can play online in your browser without any additional download and without paying a cent (or penny, or whatever is your currency!). Check out some of the best free fishing games below:

Reel Fishing (could also be considered “Real fishing,” a really natural and great fishing sim! Click the link to play it!)
Fishing Champion (a very detailed simulation of fishing, another must play – click here to do so)
Lake Fishing 2 (great visuals, not an amazing fishing experience though – click the link to play it!)
13 free online fishing games including Fish Hunter 2, Fishing Champion, Weekend Fishing, Super Fishing and Japanese Fishing. All of them available over at OnlineFishingGames.

Offline Fishing Games

So, you want even more challenge and a fishing experience that’s as close to the real thing as possible? Then you could try out some offline fishing games – these are not free to play, but most of them offer demos to check them out and generally they are worth every penny. Great offline fishing games are:

FlySim is a truly realistic fishing game you can get a free demo for. It has tons of features and will certainly turn you into a pro fisherman (or woman) if you’re not one already. Check out the official page of the game for more details and at least download the demo to check this great offline fishing game out!
– other games for you to search for are: Rapala Pro Fishing, Pro Bass Fishing and In-Line Fishing. These games were released quite a while ago and I can’t understand why game developers don’t create any more fishing games… but hey! We should use what we have and enjoy them because there are quite a few cool fishing games here – both free and purchasable!

Which is your favorite fishing simulation computer game?