zombie-outbreak2I’m sure you still remember the original Dead Frontier: Outbreak, an interactive fiction/multiple choice game used as an advertisement for a zombies MMO. The fact is that the game, however, was so great that it became an instant hit, the result being, today, the release of a sequel, titled Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2. Which, once again, grabs Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award.

Just like the previous title, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 is a multiple choice interactive fiction game that has no graphics (but instead some really well done background images) and a complete voice over. Which is still enough to bring chills to your spine!

Because, after all, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 is a game about zombies and survival – this time challenging you to go from your safehouse to the city again and get some antibiotics to save your friends. Again, on the road you’ll encounter tons of situations in which you won’t know what to do or what choice is the “best” – and the effects may only be seen after some time spent playing the game, so you can only play as you feel you should. And the reward will certainly be awarded to you sooner or later.

Even though great, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 doesn’t seem to be as shiny and polished as its predecessor and also it seems rather short. Or it’s just me getting used to such awesome games and asking for more.

Either way, go check it our for yourself! Click here to play Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2. Have fun!